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When you adjust the schedule for many persons, it's hard to decide the date. You have to notify a candidate schedule, hear attendance of each person, and manage to judge the best day.
If you're doing these work by email and EXCEL, it must be beyond your processing power.

"densuke" is a web service to solve such an inconvenience. After making an event page, all you have to do is to announce the URL of the page. Then, participants will regist their attendance of candidate dates.
You can grasp the entire condition of all participants at a glance.

I hope "densuke" will be great help for a coordinator of drinking party, organizers of the conference and busy leaders.

Feature of densuke

- You can use all functions for free.
- Input of personal information or user registration is not required at all.
- You can check the status of attendance at any time.
- You can put a password for browsing of event page.